Om Polyblends Specializes In

Colour & Additive Master batches for plastics.

Various Polymer compounds & Polymer alloys for Plastics.

Our master batches find applications, ranging from blown, extrusion coating, films, thin to thick injection & blow moulding applications. Our master batches facilitate excellent pigment dispersion and incorporated easily. Our portfolio of master batches are designed to meet stringent quality standards and deliver the functionality that our customers desire. With a range of more than 1000 colours in our databank, We at Om Polyblends most sure that we have a match for the colour you are looking for. Besides our databank and standard colour, we can match a colour according to your physical sample. Our team of colour technicians can practically match any colour that you can dream of.

Some time an application requires a material that has some properties of one polymer and some of another. Instead of synthesizing a completely new polymer with all the properties you want, we modify polymer, minerals and blend together to get the desired properties, you are looking for.